Chemical processing Tumbler DRUMFINISHER



To get quickly the best and an even finish result, the variable drum-speed makes the textiles continuously “fall” directly in front of the unique injector-system, which can inject steam or small quantities of a finish product (choice from 2 tanks).

Finishing products are injected as a fine spray at a high speed for good penetration, which is extra ensured by tumbling in steam. As all finish-product is absorbed by the textiles, there is no waste. Saving up to 40% chemicals.

During drying the air inlet-temperature and the exhaust-temperature are checked. Consumption of heat-energy is low as only little water needs to be evaporated. Cooling before unloading avoids “hot creases” and stabilizes the finishing effects.

Result is a fully relaxed textile with maximum volume and a full, soft handle.

Finishing in a DRUMFINISHER requires only one, automatic machine. Without wet-treatment the production-flow is not only much faster, but also up to 50% lower costs for energy, operations, water and effluent.

No water using in the process.


* No water

* Short process time

* Max. Shrinkage

* Energy saving

* Direct chemical in jeatlon without water

* Direct steam injection

* No need washing and squeezing process

  Applicable Chemicals

- silicon,

- softener,

- antibacterial,

- perfume,

- water-repellent,

- Aloe Vera,

- and other chemicals