Open Width Compactor KNITCOMPACT XL



The shrinking machine for open-width knitted fabric confers to the treated articles an optimum dimensional stability as well as a “handle” and an exceptional touch due to a powerful vertical steaming and using two units of shrinkage. All the parameters are strictly controlled to guarantee a perfect reproducibility of treatments.

* Steam intenstiy

* Calendering cylinder temperature

* Pressure and tightening of felts

* Contact arc of teflon introduction clothes.

Maximum working width 3000 mm. Very high productivity.Advantages

The joint action of the two shrinkage units allows an optimum stability.


The fabric is given its softness, handle and pressing aspect due to the powerful steaming received through passing the double ramp of the vertical steam box and by the adjustment of the felt pressure onto the cylinders.

The calendering cylinders surface temperature is adjustable in relation to the material to be treated. All the treatments are reproducible due to the display of the different machine adjustments.


1 High fabric inlet
2 Pre-steamer
3 Centering device al weft straightner
4 Manual weft straightner
5 Expenders
6 Top feeding roller
7 Over web controller
8 Over feeding devices
9 High performance vertical pin-chain
10 Intensive steaming section
11 Fabric support conveyor
12 High performance edge dryer
13 End steamer
14 Selvedge trimmer
15 Soft balancer
16 Expender
17 Bottom shrinking unit
18 Top shrinking unit
19 Plaiter
20 Front control screen
21 Back control screen
22 Bottom feeding roller