Tensionless Relax Dryer KNITDRY


The new generation of KNITDRY relax dryers series meets the demands of the market of the twenty-first century. The knitted fabric guided between two conveyors is treated by a patented device in wich a suction nozzle is positioned in front of each blowing nozzle.
This geometry wich enforces the hot air to traverse the fabric without creating any turbulence, allows exceptional productivity.
A strict control of the overfeeding allows to obtain the wave forms like a omega or sine curve which associated with the mechanical relax device guarantee optimal stability.

Technical Data

Speed : 5 to 40 m/min
Maximum evaporation power : 600 I/h*
Maximum capacity : approx. 800 kg/h*

Tubular knitted fabric 100 % cotton, 120 g/m2 , 80 % of residual moisture after hydro -extraction, 10 % of relative moisture after drying at 160 0C inside the dryer.

* Values not contractual, according to the type of heating and the fabric to be treated.

Length  : 10.8000 mm
Width   : 2.900 mm
Height  : 3.500 mm
Weight  : approx. 19.000 kg

Basic Machine

Our standard program of fabrication proposes installations for 100 to 1.000 litres/hour of evaporation.

* working width : 1.500 mm
* heating sources : gas, steam or thermic oil
* one to four chambers for 1 pass : 100 kg of evaporated water/hour/chamber
* two to eight chambers : 100 and 150 kg of evaporated water/hour/chamber.


* Perfect energy efficiency.
* Few installed power, high capacity.
* Conveyor belt control from both side left and right.
* Strong air circulation.
* Pneumatic piston on belt control.