Pantyhose boarding M/C PANTYSTEAM


Queen Of Legwears

500 pantyhose/hour

LOADING: 1 operator can load up to 500 pieces of pantyhose per hour.

AUTOCLAVE: The temperature and the process time for each of the 3 batches of 8 forms is independetly adjustable thus allowing fine possibility of separate treatment for each batch inside the autoclave.

For maximum production the real pressurized steam treatment time is approximately 30 seconds at top speed. All the treament data can be reproduced and ensures a consistent very high quality production.

DRYING: The steam treatment is followed by a powerful drying process by means of hot air circulation. Economizer saves energy up to 30% of drying process.

STRIPPING: Gripping conveyor belts seizes 1 processed pantyhose each time and strip them from the forms while handing over to ramp conveyor. Then the ramp conveyor evacuates it onto the stacking conveyor tidy and precisely. The pantyhose stacked to a programmed number are then evacuated by the conveyor advancing forward.


* Maintenance free, horizontal movement of the autoclave,
* Driving of forms by mechanical transfer,
* Improved stacking of the stripped legwears by belt type autostripper,
* Sock storage vat,
* Longer pressurized steam treatment time for a deeper and more efficient treatment,
* Customized and automatic chain lubrication system,

The 24 forms, without holders and easily changable, makes easier treatment of different legwear styles within each batch losing time.

PANTYSTEAM is a revolution which is rising on the heritage of legendary HELIOT legwear boarding machine N64 and equipped with best quality components with highest technology as we committed over 100 years.