Tubular Heat Setting ROLLSET



Knitted fabrics made of synthetic fibres, Polyester, Polyamid, Acrylic, Chlorofibres, Lycra, etc. Pure or blended with natural fibres, should be thermoset.
Thermosetting is necessary to guarantee the dimensional stability and to develop the handle and the touch of the different articles.
During the treatment on ROLLSET the knitted fabric is hold by a motorized pneumatic stretcher. A feeder box device with variable speed allows to adjust for each article the overfeeding or the stretching.
A feeding device with constant tightening coupled with a J-BOX of automatic loading guarantees a strict control of the physical parameters of fabric at the inlet.
The temperature of the treatment chamber (electronically regulated) can reach 2200 C and a steam injection completes the treatment.
Before the traverse folding device, a fast cooling causes a thermic clash on the fabric to finish perfectly the thermosetting.


* Min. GSM variety on the fabric surface.
* Vertical fabric processing.
* No edge mark.
* Very easy fabric installation on to the machine.
* Special fabric installation system.
* No oil condensation because of no air circulation.
* Perfect fabric with and length control.
* Constant and accurate temperature setting.
* Non-contact fabric surface temperature monitoring.
* Automatic speed control.
* Easy use recipe menu.