Balloon Squeezer KNITYHDRO


Continuous tensionless hydroexraction  up to 80m/min also with detwisting, aligment of courses and wales, flat feeding, stretching, folding.


After the fabric is untwisted and laid flat, compressed air blows the fabric into a balloon to achieve the alignment of courses and wales by individual two air blowers. Then a powerful and constant hydroextraction is effected between two rollers. The rate of hydroextraction is constant and reproducible, varying from 70 to 85 % according to speed, water temperature, pressure of the hydroextracting rollers and type of fabric being processed.

Magnetic strecher with wheels and positive feeders compensates for dyeing alongation and restores the loops to their original pattern. Finally, the fabrics is fed without tension onto a conveyor and folding to trolley by the plaiter. Thanks to extended balloon length, it is possible to achieve minimum spirality.

Totally stainless steel body including turn-table.
Fully automation for the process even running by remote control.
Embeded chemical preperation tank (located in the cabinet).
Totally free, non-contact tension control by lazer sensors.


* 1,8 meters balloon length.
* Totally relax fabric feeding.
* Magnetic stretcher.
* 100% stainless body and equipment.
* Max. shrinkage achievement.
* Excellent de-watering by ROLLIN squeezing rollers.