Conditioning & Steaming YARNSTEAM



The machine is composed of an autoclave with horizontal body which inner diameter is 1.300mm or 1.500mm. The autoclave body is closed by a fast locking door.
This autoclave has a double cover with an intermediary heater coil to evaporate the water droplets possibly conatined in the steam.
The treatment chamber is secured at 5kg/cm2 (temperature for saturated steam at about 150C).
A powerful fanblows the air or the steam present into the autoclave. This device allows an excellent distribution of steam and consequently an efficient drying of the sprayed fabrics and a high quality treatment.
A powerful vacuum pump realises a low pressure into the autoclave extremely rapidly.
A multifunctional and programmable regulator manages the cycle completely and enables to visualise the treatment graphically. All the programs may be saved on a memory card.

* Steaming process is reaized by using saturated steam.
* According to the customer's requests, the machine can be manufactured with electrical heating, steam
heating or with both of them.
*The lids have a hydraulically driven and guillutine locking design it is equipped with full automatic system.
* Stainless steel resistances are used on the electrical heating.
* Stainless steel heat exchanger are used on the steam heating.
* The machine has a good isolation glass wool for energy saving