28 Forms Boarding M/C SOCKMAGIC



Faster, Stronger, Efficient And Reliable

1000 pairs/hour

Large choice of modules allowing the customer to set up the SOCKMAGIC according to the type of theproduced socks, his working methods and to adapt the SOCKMAGIC to ALL TREATMENTS, from the more basic to the more elaborate ones.

SOCKMAGIC has been specially designed for high production and any kind of sock. The machine equipped with latest technologie servo - motor and other components.


The basic machine is composed of one circulating frame of 28 forms. Main module to choose with 6 form drying tunnel, either the second module 3 bar pressurized autoclave. An automatic stripper with precise stacking on a conveyor can be added, with outlet oriented to customer’s choice.

An additional finishing press and a cooling device before stripping is provided. Large size sock storage vat. The automations of the machine are controlled by a programmable logical controller via a large color screen display of the machine functions.


* New stronger chain with low maintenance
* New and higher performance drying area
* Reduced consumption of steam and electricity
* Coloured touchscreen control panel
* Selective programming of the sock stack height

*Servo-motor driven autostripper
* Finishing from baby to extra large sizes of socks and half-hose
* Boarding of articles for customers without steam facilities
* Finishing of wet loaded articles,
* Long-lasting steady boarding,
* Customer’s satisfaction on qualitative and quantitative requirements.