120 Forms Boarding M/C SOCKSTEAM HS


A Speedster Legend 
For High Quality Socks

1.440 pairs/hour

OPTIMUM OPERATION LOADING: 2 operators can share the manual loading position for a production up to 1.440 pairs of socks per hour.

AUTOCLAVE: The temperature for each of the four batches of 30 forms is independetly adjustable thus allowing finepossibility of separate treatment for each batch inside the autoclave. For maximum production the real pressurized steam treatment time is approximately 10 seconds at top speed. All the treament data can be reproduced and ensures a consistent very high quality production.

DRYING: The steam treatment is followed by a powerful drying process by means of hot air circulation.

STRIPPING: Grips seize the treated socks two by two and strip them from the forms while raising the socks toward the racket. The grips then open and free the socks, allowing the racket to push them flat on to a horizontal stacking conveyor. The socks, stacked to a programmed number are then evacuated on to conveyor advancing forward.


* Pressurized steam setting autoclave maximum pressure 3 bar,
* Temperature selection and regulation device for each batch of forms,
* Hot air circulation device,
* Sock storage vat,
* Automatic device stripping the articles per pair and laying them flat on a pivoting table.
* Automatic chain oiling,
* Evacuation of the stripped socks on a conveyor.